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Services We Offer

Here at Paw By Paw we offer profesional, reliable services to suit your family ​

Dog Walk​ing

A dog is a walker and traveller by instinct, and not only is walking and playing fun, it's also vital for wellbeing.

Our dog walking services are tailored to each individual pets needs. We offer group walks for the more social confident dogs. 

This allows your pet to mix with others and to have their social needs fulfilled.

Our individual dog walks are for the more shy and for dogs who don't socialise as well with others. 

We don't just walk your pet we will engage and play with your pet as this is vital to it's wellbeing 

In our dog walking service we will pick up, walk and play with your dog and then drop your dog back home making sure that your treasured pet is safe. 

We will refresh his/her water and feed if required.

Enjoying a few treats along the way!

Pet Drop-In 

We Know how busy life can get and that you wont always be able to spend time with you four legged friend so we offer our pet drop-in services

We offer our Pet Drop-In Service  for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and other small furry friends.

In the visit we include provision of fresh food and water, refreshing of litter tray, playtime and comfort breaks.

Puppy Visits 

Your new arrival might not be able to go out into the big wide world just yet. 

Paw By Paw will Drop-In on your latest edition to make sure they are happy and content giving them valuable play time, refresh of food, water and toilet area. 

Puppy's require a lot of attention and regular visits throughout the day are important in their development 

Therefore we tailor the visits to suit your puppy's needs as every puppy is individual. 

Golden Oldies 

For the more mature of our furry friends 

W e tailor a package to suit their needs 

Whether its a shorter walk, l ess active or they just want some company a few times a day and to take comfort breaks 

We can discuss your pets needs on our initial meet and greet.

Animal Kingdom


Pet Sitting 

Paw By Paw are now offering Pet Sitting!


In our Pet Sitting Service

We stay in your home so your pets feel safe and secure in there own surroundings getting the same amount of love and attention they are used to.

More information on this service to come 

Sandy Bebb

Outstanding service, Brad is very knowledgeable and has made a huge difference to my two dogs. They absolutely adore Brad and sit waiting for him every day. Well done to PawbyPaw

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